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AS 1012.1-2014 Methods of testing concrete - Sampling of concret


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Standard Title: Methods of testing concrete - Sampling of concrete
Standard NO.:AS 1012.1-2014
Papges: 9


This Standard sets out the method for obtaining samples of freshly-mixed concrete?

(a) directly from mixers;

(b) from agitator or non-agitator units;

(c) from concrete deposited in readiness for casting; and

(d) from concrete deposited in the forms.


The following documents are referred to in this Standard:


1012 Methods of testing concrete

1012.3 Method 3: Determination of properties related to consistency of concrete

1012.3.1 Method 3.1: Slump test

1012.3.2 Method 3.2: Compacting factor test

1012.3.3 Method 3.3: Vebe test

1012.3.4 Method 3.4: Compactibility index

1012.4 Method 4: Determination of air content of freshly mixed concrete

1012.4.1 Method 4.1: Measuring reduction in concrete volume with increased air


1012.4.2 Method 4.2: Measuring reduction in air pressure in chamber above concrete

1012.4.3 Method 4.3: Measuring air volume when concrete dispersed in water

1012.5 Method 5: Method for the determination of mass per unit volume of freshly

mixed concrete

1012.6 Method 6: Methods for the determination of bleeding of concrete

1012.8 Method 8: Method for making and curing concrete

1012.8.1 Method 8.1: Compression and indirect tensile test specimens

1012.8.2 Method 8.2: Flexure test specimens in the laboratory or in the field

1012.13 Method 13: Determination of the drying shrinkage of concrete for samples

prepared in the field or in the laboratory

1012.16 Method 16: Methods for the determination of creep of concrete cylinders in

compression (metric units)

1012.17 Method 17: Methods for the determination of the static chord modulus of

elasticity and Poisson?s ratio of concrete specimens

1012.18 Method 18: Method for the determination of setting time of fresh concrete,

mortar and grout by penetration resistance

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